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eShopWorld provides a global eCommerce platform that makes it easy for brands to sell directly to shoppers around the world. Our technology integrates with each brand’s existing website to create hyper-localised, high-converting shopping journeys that feel familiar to consumers in each country. Our checkout and portals are fully configurable, which allows brands to extend their brand experience seamlessly across borders, and provide an outstanding experience to shoppers no matter where they live. The eShopWorld platform sets the standard for brands to effectively grow revenues, drive down costs and reduce the complexity and risk of selling internationally, helping them to Sell Global, Feel LocalTM

Go to Market Strategy – Digital marketing strategy | PPC | Google Shopping | Paid Social | Retargeting | Market rollout planning

Pricing Management – Multiple pricing models | Duty and tax calculation | Currencies | Local Promotions

Checkout Localisation – Fully configurable by market | Multilingual | Address Mapping | Auto Complete | Local address formatting | Adaptive keypads | Express checkout | Domain Masking | In-line field labelling

Payments – Local Payment methods | Local acquiring | 0% Fraud guarantee

Delivery – 25+ carriers integrated with platform | Actual delivery date shown on checkout | Local phone number validation | Multi-modal shipping options (Express, Standard, PUDO) | Omnichannel

Returns – Local returns solutions | 40+ Local returns centres | Pick up service | Pre-paid options | Full shopper refunds