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Profilo aziendale

With Dalenys, you capitalize on the agility of an international and 100% omnichannel solution which processes transactions, and backed by Natixis Payments (BPCE group). At the heart of our differentiation:

  • our mastering of the issuer-Acquirer data’s modeling to optimize payment transactions and fraud management,
  • a Premium support adapted to your industry, with a solution based on a single platform, a single contract and powerful tools to reinvent purchase experience codes with unified commerce (tokenization, click & collect, payment in N times on line / off line, omnichannel-cart system, smart checkout, queue boosting, etc.).

The Omnichannel Retail sector weighs more than 60% of Dalenys’ business:

Dalenys is proud to already count in Veepee, Tediber,, Cdiscount, as key Retail Omnichannel references. Dalenys also processes payment for Maisons du Monde in 11 countries: France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, etc.
To do so, an audit of the most efficient payment’s methods has been proceed to deploy a relevant payment mix.

In the same time, Dalenys is working on an agile and connected payment project in store through Smart Checkout, Click & Collect, Queue Boosting solutions, etc. The objective of Dalenys in 2019: offer you a perfect customer journey.

As Veepee, Maisons du Monde, Cdiscount, and others, increase your sales by joining Dalenys!